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Report: TV Tech Firm Arqiva Interested In Kangaroo’s Technology

One bidder has already taken itself out of the running for the remains of the commercial VOD Project Kangaroo, but the race is still on for the never-used technology., citing an unnamed source, reports that TV technology firm Arqiva is now the sole bidder for Kangaroo’s technology, which includes a PC and TV interface and EPG after Orange declared itself out of the race last week; the company is well-placed to make a bid — its main clients include the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV (LSE: ITV), the abandoned project’s shareholders.

Arqiva has been in a buying mood of late: the radio frequency owner bought ITV’s 70 percent stake in outside TV broadcast company JFMG for £1 million in February and bought the remaining 63 percent stake it didn’t own in the first DAB radio complex Digital One from Global Radio in April. The company also controls a third of the TV channels on Freeview and has been linked to a bid for ITV-owned Freeview multiplex operator SDN.