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Industry Moves: Yahoo’s Audience Head Jeff Dosset Leaves After Eight Months

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imageThe Bartz cleanup at Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) continues: Jeff Dossett, the audience head at Yahoo (responsible for all the content sites including the powerful triumvirate of News, Sports and Finance) is leaving the company, eight months after his appointment, by Kara reports. He is leaving for personal reasons and will likely land at a startup, the story says. His responsibilities will be shared by Jimmy Pitaro, who runs Vertical Audience Experiences for Yahoo and Tim Mayer, who is in charge of Search & Social Applications, and both report up to EVP Hilary Schneider.

Dossett arrived at Yahoo in November last year, from Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), where he was the executive producer and general manager for the MSN Media Network. He came to Yahoo to take over Scott Moore’s job, who moved back to MSN, to take up Dossett’s job there. He managed to do make one media reorg in those eight months, but looks like he reorg-ed himself out in the process.

Just yesterday, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, speaking at the D conference, described the Dilbert-like Yahoo org structure when she arrived there early this year, and has been cleaning up the reporting lines up to her. In her interview yesterday, she gave a specific example of how the Yahoo homepage team would have a tough time working with the Yahoo Finance team, and her efforts to make them work together more smoothly. Dossett departure indicates her work on breaking down those content silos.

2 Responses to “Industry Moves: Yahoo’s Audience Head Jeff Dosset Leaves After Eight Months”

  1. Nobody “got axed”. If you read the article, the Yahoo exec left for personal reasons. Personal reasons as in leaving the company to become CEO of a startup. The first line of this article is incorrect. Dossett was IN CONTROL of the cleanup at Yahoo, firing 1,500 people within the first month of arriving. First rule of journalism (and commenting, I suppose): FACT-CHECK, FACT-CHECK, FACT-CHECK!

  2. Just Looking

    If I got it right … the MSN guy who went over to Yahoo to take the former MSN guy's job is now looking for a job while the former Yahoo guy who came back to MSN to fill the job of the just axed Yahoo guy is back in the MSN job that he started at …. which by the way is the job that the newly ex-Yahoo guy got when the first MSN guy left to go to Yahoo. This can't be healthy for their DNA.