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In Battle For Web Traffic, The Left Is Beating The Right (Thanks To HuffPo)

imageThe Dems are controlling more than just the White House and Congress. They’re also collectively winning the battle for traffic among political sites. According to the latest comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) numbers, left-leaning sites attracted 6.4 million uniques in April, while the major blogs on the right 4.8 million. (See chart after the jump)

The right is not without some bragging rights. Individually, the right had one more site in comScore’s top 20 political blog sites than their left wing counterparts (nine to eight), and many of the conservative sites, like, had enormous growth, while liberal stalwarts like DailyKos and MyDD appeared to be dropping uniques year-over-year. However, since these are comScore numbers, websites are sure to disagree with the findings. TalkingPointsMemo, for example, tells me the 203,000 uniques that comScore assigned to them is way off; they claim to have had 1.4 million in April.

There was one main reason the liberal sites collectively came out ahead: Huffington Post’s dominant 5.6 million uniques, which dwarfs the number-two site Drudge Report’s 1.7 million monthly visitors. That’s a gap that conservative reporter and TV pundit Tucker Carlson is angling to fill with his new political news site The Daily Caller, which The Hill described as a right-wing version of HuffPo. For his part, Carlson told a conference that he plans to position it as a “general-interest newspaper-format style site” that will focus on the Obama Administration. I spoke briefly to Carlson today about the project, which he said is scheduled to launch in three weeks. He declined to offer any further details on whether the site would be ad supported or where the investment money was coming from.

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10 Responses to “In Battle For Web Traffic, The Left Is Beating The Right (Thanks To HuffPo)”

  1. Apple IIe and before

    Uniques are defined as:

    "A count of how many different people access a Web site. For example, if a user leaves and comes back to the site five times during the measurement period, that person is counted as one unique visitor, but would count as five "user sessions."

    by PC Magazine. So, no matter how many times you go to Huffpo within the time period, you are only counted once. Get the point?

  2. I'm sort of surprised FreeRepublic is doing so well – they've gone out of their way to ban a lot of loyal readers & contributors who don't perfectly toe the party line. At the same time, their platform was quite revolutionary for when it was released, so there's a huge momentum behind their domain. The chart also suggests to me that old media coverage is probably a huge factor in online success – I hear about Huffpo on tv all the time, and I think that explains their success better than the value of its content.

  3. steve abbott

    Sorry, but the "survey" left out a "few" key conservative blogs that we all go to on a regular basis. IMAO, Iowahawk etc. Typical Tripe!

  4. David Kaplan

    The issue here isn't whether more liberals are turning to blogs versus conservatives, but rather how the top political sites were faring, several months after the heat from the election has cooled down. As for Drudge Report, the site is typically considered to have a conservative tone in terms of its editorial choices, and its editor Matt Drudge has tended to identify himself as a conservative populist as opposed to a setting a more neutral attitude. As for Huffington Post's numbers, that's what comScore said, and they would probably view that number as too small (in its pitch to advertisers, HuffPo claim's to reach 20 million "thought leaders").

  5. I am disabled. I love to read the internet and do quite a bit of it. My husband, family and friends all WORK FOR A LIVING, so they are unable to read as much or as frequently as I do. Get the point?

  6. Apple IIe and before

    5,600,000 uniques? Are we sure that this is legit? That's almost 25 times DKos. Really, that's very hard to believe.

    I'm not a programmer, but it seems to me that there are plenty of geeks out there who could stack that deck?

  7. bjjfiter

    How is it that Drudge is considered a "conservative site", when 95% of its entries are simply links to mainstream media stories? I realize the headlines are editorialized, but does that really make it worthy of such a label? I don't think so.

    Also…"while liberal stalwarts like DailyKos and MyDD appeared to be dropping uniques year-over-year." This fits in with my theory that people generally drop off of liberal sites over time, just as they do the networks. Just look at Maddow's slowly degrading ratings numbers since she took to the air.

  8. Majgross

    A review of the liberal vs. conservative comments on huffpo (and other sites) would show that 5.6 million hits does not equal 5.6 million liberals. I visit the site from time to time because unlike liberals, I am interested in what the other side is "thinking".

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