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Could Google’s ‘Wave’ Replace E-Mail And IM?

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imageE-mail and IM just don’t cut it any more, according to Google (NSDQ: GOOG). The company is rolling out a new tool that it says will make it much easier for groups to communicate in real time. Google is a little stingy on the details about Wave, as it’s called, and insists it’s still a work in progress but in an introductory blog post, Google’s Lars Rasmussen says it is a single web application that would be optimized for “computers’ current abilities.” Contrast that, he says, with e-mail, which is modeled on snail mail — or IM, which he says is modeled on phone calls. Rasmussen: “Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication

2 Responses to “Could Google’s ‘Wave’ Replace E-Mail And IM?”

  1. Personally, the concept makes a hell of a lot of sense, especially as an open platform play.

    My simple net out is that this is a model that deals elegantly with both messages and payloads, where the payloads could be pics, videos, posts, songs, maps, people/product/business listings, etc.

    As such, there is a lot of value in how the handling layer processes these messages/payloads, enabling them to be aggregated and/or filtered into logical constructs, like NOW, LOCAL, TYPE, POPULAR, VIRAL, ENGAGING, etc.

    I blogged about an application model that is very complimentary to this (and for which I have modeled out six very specific use cases) in a post called:

    “Right Here Now” services: weaving a real-time web around status

    Check it out if interested.