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Vid-Biz: Microsoft, Beat, Skyfire

Microsoft Mediaroom Brings Virtualization to IPTV; company says the technology can deliver a six-fold reduction in the number of physical servers needed to run a full IPTV service, reaching 30,000 subscriber homes per market using less than 10 servers. (release)

Samsung, Bebo and Endemol Find their Beat; daily magazine style web series will feature live music, interviews with stars, music news and more. (Guardian)

Skyfire Comes Out of Beta; mobile browser provides full access to features on web sites including video sites like Hulu and YouTube. (VentureBeat)

Ooyala Launches Swift; white label company’s new video player has a smaller web footprint and features better bandwidth detection and a flexible, modular design. (Ooyala Swift FAQ)

Zensify Launches iPhone App; unites updates across your social graph including YouTube, Flickr and 12Seconds into one news feed. (Zensify)

GodTube Founder Buys TV Network; Chris Wyatt along with Dr. Robert Schuller acquires cable channel AmericanLife TV, plans to turn it into a “family values” network. (Broadcasting & Cable)

What does Sonia Sotomayor Mean for Show Business? The Hollywood Reporter looks at the Supreme Court nominee’s legal history and thinks that aside from some labor issues, she will be studio friendly. (The Hollywood Reporter)