Skyfire Mobile Browser Hits the Big 1.0


hulu_htc_touch.jpgHoping to take mobile web browsing to new places, Skyfire finally goes gold with the release of version 1.0. The browser has been in beta form for some time, but has impressed us nonetheless. Today, anyone with a Windows Mobile (touchscreen or not) or supported Symbian S60 device can download the application for a richer Internet experience.

Richer in what way, you ask? Skyfire supports Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0, so you can get your YouTube and Hulu on, to name just a few sites that are often taboo on handset browsers. And the Skyfire folks added a real-time activity wall recently, too. With it, you can find all of your favorite RSS feeds, Twitter updates and Facebook statuses.

Have a look at the new version, demonstrated by Skyfire’s CEO, Nitin Bhandari, and tell me you don’t want to download this app.



have used this browser as a secondary browser on my WM6 non touch screen phone. when PIE won’t work this browser does the trick. links in page all work even on pages that opera won’t work.


I have been using skyfire for the last 4 months and am really excited about the new 1.0 release. Love the fast snappy zoom being able to click on links in zoomed out view. Love this update.


“You’re gonna like the way you browse, I guarantee it”

Ummm, that is a complete rip off Men’s Warehouse commercial…”You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it”

He even says it like the MW spokeperson


I am being very ignorant, sorry – but how is it compared to Fennec please?

Chris Davies

So close… and yet no native WVGA support, so text and graphics on phones like the HTC Touch HD are blocky and unpleasant. V.disappointing, as the rest of the feature-set looks great :(

Tim Layton

That is very cool that you can get flash support and silverlight on windows mobile. That rocks! It will just keep getting better and better with each release.

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