Notable News From the Tech World

An editorial (written in the Miami Herald, no less) posits that “Twitter poses risks for papers.” A New York Times piece, meanwhile, quotes Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone saying they’re “not ready to unveil a business model.” Perhaps it’s time for Twitter and the newspapers to figure out a viable business model. The Twitterers do need to figure out how to make money sooner rather than later — unless they want to pull a Facebook and start selling off chunks of the company to finance growth.

Notable Quote

None of our top executives are moving to Ireland, but that’s totally irrelevant. If it was a U.S. corporation, how many CEOs live in Delaware?” — An Accenture spokesman, on the company’s plans to relocate its place of incorporation from tax-friendly Bermuda to more tax-friendly Ireland, and thus thwarting the Obama Administration’s plans to snag more revenue from multinational corporations.

Notable News