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An editorial (written in the Miami Herald, no less) posits that “Twitter poses risks for papers.” A New York Times piece, meanwhile, quotes Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone saying they’re “not ready to unveil a business model.” Perhaps it’s time for Twitter and the newspapers to figure out a viable business model. The Twitterers do need to figure out how to make money sooner rather than later — unless they want to pull a Facebook and start selling off chunks of the company to finance growth.

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None of our top executives are moving to Ireland, but that’s totally irrelevant. If it was a U.S. corporation, how many CEOs live in Delaware?” — An Accenture spokesman, on the company’s plans to relocate its place of incorporation from tax-friendly Bermuda to more tax-friendly Ireland, and thus thwarting the Obama Administration’s plans to snag more revenue from multinational corporations.

Notable News



One fascinating aspect of Twitter is their enthusiasm for *others* to use their platform to make money. This is an excellent strategy to foster rapid growth, loyalty and innovative development. When the big money starts to flow from Twitter applications the broad Twitter ecosystem will work hard to make sure the big Twitter thrives.

Jordan Golson

Though I don’t think too many people are enthusiastic to help Facebook make money. Maybe Twitter IS onto something with their “non-profit” (the kind where they don’t worry about making money, not the tax-exempt kind) strategy. (though I doubt it)


“Not ready to unveil a business model”? Strange, but the Twitter founders seem to be taking a page from the newspaper industry. They’re gaining users every day, and the newspapers still have tons of people going to their Web sites (although they’re losing them even there), but neither one has come up with a good plan for converting all those eyeballs to dollars.

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