MSI Delivers Slim X340 Notebook at $899…or Less


msi-x340-blackGood news for fan’s of MSI’s skinny X340 notebook we peeped earlier this year: The company has delivered on its promised “under a grand” pricing. The MacBook Air lookalike is now officially available for $899 through online retailers like Amazon (s AMZN), Newegg, Buy, and others. Ironically, I see one version of the X340 for $799 at Amazon right now. At that price you can have any color you like, as long as you like black.

This 13.4-inch notebook is likely the first of many devices we’ll see this year based on Intel’s (s INTC) CULV or Consumer Ultra Low Voltage platform. The X340 I found online uses a 1.4GHz Intel SU3500 CPU paired with a maximum of 2GB of RAM. The notebook is definitely light and skinny, just like the Air. It weighs 2.86 pounds with the battery and offers dimensions of 13″ x 8.82″x 0.24~0.78″. I look at this device (and the ones sure to follow with the CULV platform) as in between netbooks and traditional notebooks. You get decent run-time and a light notebook package with less of performance hit found on netbooks. $799 on Amazon, eh…too bad I just bought a camera. Full press release follows.


The X340 features an HD LCD, Intel’s new CULV CPU, and a 320 GB HDD

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – May 26, 2009 – MSI Computer, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, is excited to announce the availability of the ultra-slim 13.4″ MSI X340 Notebook. The X340 notebook weighs just 2.86 pounds, is only .78 inches thick at it’s widest point, and is now available for only $899.99. It is the first notebook to feature the new Intel® ULV CPU, which uses 1/6th the power of a regular mobile CPU. The X340 also offers users an HD 1366×768 resolution LCD and an HDMI input for high definition video playback.

“We are excited to bring such a thin yet powerful notebook to market,” said Andy Tung Vice President of Sales, MSI US. “The X340 truly is the optimal convergence of mobility, form, and functionality.

In addition to its biggest in class hard drive and outstanding performance, the X-340 notebook’s aesthetics are second to none. Its sleek exterior and the clean design is available in sleek Silver and stylish Black at,,,,, and

MSI also offers customers a 3-year limited warranty with the X340 and extended customer services hours at 1-888-447-6564.



Looks great for the price conscious but it is not a MB Air look alike other than slimness. MSI makes decent but plasticky cheap looking laptops. Plus it runs Vista on the slow proc and a max of 2 GB ram. Ugh. I want 4 GB minimum for Vista and i prefer 6 GB. Might be nice with Linux if you have to settle for cheap hardware.

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