I Could Have Used That Remote DSLR iPhone App Yesterday


kevin-head-shotLast week, I mentioned an upcoming iPhone application that remotely controls a Canon DSLR. I got some questions and comments about when this software would be useful, and don’t you know that I ran into a just such a situation yesterday? I had a tight deadline to get a decent head shot of myself. Barb was tied up on the phone with work when I noticed I had about 15 minutes left before my photo deadline.

I ended up shooting my own portrait by using the two-second timer function on my Canon Ti1, but it took about 20 shots to get it just right. Well…as right as it could be with the subject matter I had to work with; I always had a face for podcasting. ;) If I had the remote application, I could have actually modified the settings and previewed my pic using the remote Live View function. Instead, I had to pre-focus, tap the shutter release, and quickly scoot back into the frame. Come to think of it, this was good exercise.

Oh yeah, why did I need that head shot? Hmm…I can’t say just yet, but I think I’ll be able to share the reason why tomorrow. Stay tuned, and try not to hurt yourself with any self-portraits while you’re waiting, ‘k?


Khurram Farooq

I cannot for the life of me imagine why you used a 2-second timer then there is a 10-second timer there also :) Would have been easier on the legs!


Weather: Geogeous spring day
Occasion: Working from home – I work in unix support snd on this occasion I was connected remotely to work from my small office
Setting: Sitting on a bench in my garden with the sunlight sparking on the surrounding plants in my verdant and treed garden

I wanted to tease my workmates so I set my camera on a tripod and sat on the garden bench with my laptop open. I used an IR remote to take the shot. I sent the picture to my collegues wit the caption – My Home Office. The responses were quite amusing as you could imagine.


Are you aware that the new On1 Software will NOT support the new Ti1?(at least in version 1.0) Check out their blog, they have a new post with FAQ’s and they answered a question pertaining to the Ti1 and it’s compatibility.

I have a Rebel XSi…so I’m looking forward to it ;)

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, I said just that in my original post which I’ve linked to above. The T1i isn’t yet in the Canon SDK, so the developers can’t support it until that changes. :( Have fun with the XSi and your iPhone or iPod Touch though! :)

Mike Blake

I believe there is software to accomplish this on the CD that comes with all Cannon Camera.

Charlie Thomas

Has Warner Crocker talked you into a starring role in one of his plays? Good Luck.


I always use smoke and mirrors :)

That aside, the shot looks good, considering what you had to do to get it.

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