I Could Have Used That Remote DSLR iPhone App Yesterday

kevin-head-shotLast week, I mentioned an upcoming iPhone application that remotely controls a Canon DSLR. I got some questions and comments about when this software would be useful, and don’t you know that I ran into a just such a situation yesterday? I had a tight deadline to get a decent head shot of myself. Barb was tied up on the phone with work when I noticed I had about 15 minutes left before my photo deadline.

I ended up shooting my own portrait by using the two-second timer function on my Canon Ti1, but it took about 20 shots to get it just right. Well…as right as it could be with the subject matter I had to work with; I always had a face for podcasting. ;) If I had the remote application, I could have actually modified the settings and previewed my pic using the remote Live View function. Instead, I had to pre-focus, tap the shutter release, and quickly scoot back into the frame. Come to think of it, this was good exercise.

Oh yeah, why did I need that head shot? Hmm…I can’t say just yet, but I think I’ll be able to share the reason why tomorrow. Stay tuned, and try not to hurt yourself with any self-portraits while you’re waiting, ‘k?


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