Active Media Bumps SSD Throughput for Dell Netbooks

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half-mini-pcie-32_1big.jpgWhen I think of SSD drives for a Dell Mini 9, I tend to think of products from RunCore. The company has 16 GB and 32 GB mini PCIe flash drives that cost $99.99 and $149.99 direct. Throughputs are advertised at up to 80 MBps for both reads and writes, while actual throughputs on the drives came in around 60 MBps and 40 MBps when jkkmobile tested them.

Active Media also offers SSD drives for the Dell Mini line, but up until now, performance was far more sluggish, at 40 MBps for reads and 15 MBps for writes. But that was the old product line. Today, Active Media gets more competitive in terms of performance while keeping the price low. Its new half mini PCIe SSDs for the Dell Mini 9 are touted to offer sequential reads at 82 MBps and sequential writes at 38 MBps. Now there’s a vast difference between sequential and random, but I like what I see so far. Active Media says these drives are “based on a Phison PATA-to-NAND controller — advanced features like ECC and wear leveling come standard.”

Even better is the pricing I mentioned, because these drives are around 30 percent less than the RunCore prices, although you can shop around for comparable costs. A 16 GB SSD from Active Media is street priced at $65.95, while 32 GB costs $119.95. Perhaps we can twist jkk’s arm to get him to test these drives, too?

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