Dennis’ Monkey Goes To Sweden, Other E-Mags Follow


imageFelix Dennis’ publishing house is taking its online-only, digital-edition lads mag Monkey in to Scandinavia. Danish e-edition company NetPublications International will publish local-language versions of the page-turner – along with Dennis’ iMotors and iGizmodo e-editions – in Denmark, Sweden and Norway under licence by the end of the year, as PG reports.

It’s a big step for Monkey, which launched in 2006 – while the three foreign editions will share some content with the UK version, they will each employ local journalists and produce original content. Monkey already launched in Thailand via NetPublishing in July 2008. Dennis’ Maxim men’s mag was closed earlier this year and is now online-only in the UK.



Monkey is a great magazine, and not one I had heard of until quite recently. As the above posted mentioned, it’s done a great job of promotion so far. Excellent.

Digital Magazines

It seems weird to me that Monkey doesn’t get more recognition, as it is one of the most successful and pioneering digital only magazines out there. Dennis have done a really good job of marketing this and it’s other titles.

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