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Palm Pre Email Client Video Walkthrough

Yesterday’s news of multiple Microsoft Exchange (s MSFT) account support on the Palm Pre (s PALM) was just an appetizer for my excitement. Today brings the next, logical course: a video walkthrough of the actual email client, which ironically, I haven’t seen much of. Since I consume roughly half of my email on a phone, I just sat through all seven minutes of the video. In it, you’ll see the Pre’s email client, configuration screens, options and ease of use. Remember that if you have multiple email accounts like I do, they can all be consolidated into one inbox view. You’ll always have access to the individual accounts and folders, but a single inbox is something I’ve longed for on my iPhone for nearly two years.

I also like the easy way to delete emails (just flick them left or right), and I absolutely adore how the Pre will save a draft note simply by flipping it off the screen. I never thought I’d say this out loud, but I think I just had an email-gasm. ;)

2 Responses to “Palm Pre Email Client Video Walkthrough”

  1. I have a Treo 755P. Email connects fast. I had a Centro . . . email took 45 seconds to check for new mail. I’m thinking about a PRE. Will I have a 755p or a Centro experience with getting my mail? 5-10 seconds to connect or 35-45? If the latter, I won’t be interested. What did you experience?

  2. I agree entirely with the excitement about multiple Exchange account support. Does any other device do that? As far as I know they don’t.