When You Want to Speak Your Heart (From Your Phone)


touchnoteYou know that saying, “There’s a greeting card for every occasion”? If you didn’t believe in that mantra before, Touchnote might change your mind. Using its software with a camera on your mobile phone, you can take a picture with your handset and turn it into a real, physical card. You just snap a picture and write your own greeting or message. The Touchnote folks then print out a card with your custom picture and greeting, and they send it through snail mail.

Touchnote launched today on Nokia devices, which coincides with Nokia’s Ovi launch. The Touchnote software is free in the Ovi store, and the download provides one free physical card. After that, you can purchase card bundles for a few pounds. Touchnote supports most E- and N-series devices as well as several other Nokia handsets. The cards are mailed from the U.K., so you can get next-day delivery there. All other international deliveries take from three to seven days.

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