Intersolar News: Tigo Raises $10M for Solar Module Efficiency

The massive solar conference in Munich Germany kicks off tomorrow, and we’ll be bringing you some of the news about the startups and tech innovations from the show. Tigo Energy, a startup that sells software and hardware to make solar photovoltaic systems more efficient (not to be confused with solar financier Tioga), has announced that it has raised $10 million in a second round of funding from ICV, Matrix Partners, OVP and Clal Energy.


The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company’s system embeds its nodes into each photovoltaic module. The idea is if a cloud or shade passes over the panels, traditional systems are at the mercy of the weakest module. But a Tigo-enabled system can maintain the maximum power output of the system more effectively, and account for the weak link.

Other systems are using solar inverters to manage the power output, like Enphase Energy, which has a distributed solar inverter product that adds intelligence to the solar photovoltaic systems, too. Gunther Portfolio, which watched presentations from both Tigo and Enphase at Intersolar, has more details on the benefits of the per-module system vs. the distributed inverter systems.

Also on the market is chip maker National Semiconductor’s SolarMagic technology, which it launched last year, and which the chip maker says can recoup as much as 50 percent of solar systems’ output lost due to shade and debris. And expect some big news out of the show from SolarEdge, a startup that makes hardware and software to monitor individual solar panels with embedded integrated circuits.