Get Ready for TwitterTeeVee


It was made public this weekend that an upcoming TV show will be built around micro-blogging service Twitter. Details on the new show are scarce (it involves people tracking celebrities, or something), but it looks like we are moving into a new world of TwitterTeeVee.

Here are some of the shows weaving Twitter into the fabric of their programs:

ABC’s Nightline is a half-hour program “that provides a forum for viewers to simultaneously discuss and debate the news of the day through the prism of Twitter.”

MTV’s What You’re Watching with Alexa Chung will incorporate social media elements from both Twitter and Facebook.

E! isn’t building a straight-up show, per se, but has called out for “Celebri-Tweets” from famous people that will run in the news crawl at the bottom of the screen.

Comedian Aisha Tyler’s upcoming The Aisha Tyler Show talk show is fully “wired” from the ground up and will allow audiences to communicate with Tyler via Twitter.

Speaking of talk shows, Oprah propelled Twitter further into the mainstream last month when she started posting to the service. We haven’t seen her incorporate tweets from viewers into the show — she has had her laptops onstage with her during the live Friday shows in case there’s something she wants to post.

Other networks have incorporated Twitter into their programming in new ways. CNN’s Rick Sanchez was an early adopter of the service; last year Current TV hosted Hack the Debate, which let users chime in during the presidential campaign; and in a less-lofty use, Bravo recently used Twitter to let audiences chat with stars of its Real Housewives of… series.

And TwitterTeeVee won’t stop there. As the company’s co-founder, Biz Stone, wrote in a blog post, this latest deal for a TV show is nonexclusive, opening the door for many more shows to be built from the ground up to accommodate quick messages. Or, according to Stone, a whole lot more:

Twitter’s open approach might have the power to transform television — the dominant communications receiver worldwide. We’re very excited to see where these experiments take us.

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