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Supreme Court Pick’s Track Record: Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor wrote the opinion in Riverkeeper vs. EPA, siding with the fishes and against power companies in a big case that the Supreme Court just overturned. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

The State of State Energy Policies: As the legislative season comes to a close in some states, Kansas now has a renewable portfolio standard, Washington has an executive order aimed at reducing coal plant and auto emissions, Vermont may soon have new incentives for clean energy generation and Nevada has a few bills meant to attract solar panel makers to the state. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Battery Tech Hurdles: According to a paper presented at the 215th biannual meeting of the Electrochemical Society, more work needs to be done to understand not only the primary components of a lithium-ion battery, but also how they interact with one another during use. — Green Car Congress

Rack Density Going Up: A new survey released today finds upcoming data center expansions will be designed to support significantly higher power densities than today’s facilities, partly to reduce energy costs. — Data Center Knowledge

First Solar’s Bruce Sohn: First Solar President Bruce Sohn won’t get into specifics, but in a new Q&Q he talks about the company’s overall approach to integrating equipment designed by outside suppliers. — PV-Tech