Updates, Adds Workflow and Branding Tools


Cloud file storage app (previously covered on WWD)  today announced some nifty new features that should prove useful, particularly if you’re a freelancer working with remote clients: Tasks, Global Folders and Custom Branding.

Tasks lets you assign tasks around files, which should be handy if you have a workflow that involves client approval of files or collaborating on files with others. For example, you can assign the task of reviewing a design right from within For any file you can assign tasks to yourself, someone else or a group of people. By having this kind of functionality built into the app, you can keep the tasks together with the file itself, which should help avoid the kind of confusion that can result when assigning tasks via email.

Global Folders provides a simple way to publish files on the Internet, with just a few mouse clicks and no HTML fiddling required. You can take any of your folders and turn them into a publicly accessible web page with a customized, static URL.

Custom Branding lets Business edition subscribers customize the UI with their own branding, projecting a much more professional appearance when sharing files with clients.

What do you think of’s new features?


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