Amazon Takes Personal Kindle Notes, Ratings Online

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I’m not a big annotator on the Kindle, but I soon might be. According to Techcrunch, Amazon (s AMZN) just added a new feature that syncs yours notes from the e-book device right to the web. The company launched a specific web site at where you can sign in to view your reading list, see the notes you’ve taken in each book, and rate the content you’ve read, from one to five stars. You’ll also see the average rating that other customers gave those titles.

I don’t remember any note-taking activities, so it’s no surprise that I’m not finding any of my own on the Kindle site. Techcrunch says that any passages highlighted on your Kindle will also appear on the web. I’m more of a reader than a researcher, and I gather that this feature will appeal more to the students out there — perhaps the ones who are buying the super-sized Kindle DX for their textbooks?

If Amazon was able to beef up its browser so I could make clippings from that and have them sync to the web, I might find this more useful. Hey, just because I don’t like a mobile feature doesn’t mean that many of you won’t, however. Is this an appealing development for you and your Kindle?

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Sri Lankan at the Stanford GSB

This might be targeted towards the academic crowd and the Kindle DX, once it launches. I’m sure this would be something students would like. Hopefully they will add some note sharing features as well that will allow you to download a document with your notes or email directly to someone else.

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