Yahoo Leans Towards A Less-Radical Home-Page Makeover


imageYahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has been testing new designs for since September (the company said back in late March that it had already tested 141 different versions) — and on Tuesday, it posted the latest concept. It’s more conservative in style than the first version that surfaced in September and the second one that appeared in February. Gone is the big box that featured a “dashboard” of outside applications. Instead, there is a box of links to outside applications from third-party sites that looks very much like the box that currently links to other Yahoo services on the home page. In its announcement, Yahoo seems to acknowledge that previous iterations might have been too radical. “We recognize that many of you like your homepage just the way it is, thank-you-very-much, so the overall look and feel of the page will be familiar,” writes Yahoo SVP Tapan Bhat.

Unmentioned is that a sticking point in regards to previous designs, according to AllThingD’s Kara Swisher, was that traffic actually fell. Unclear how the newest design solves that problem, although individual e-mail accounts are now separated rather than grouped together, which presumably will drive traffic to more pages.

The first design in September, along with the latest one, after the jump.

The September design:


The latest prototype:



mattmcb is still the best home page I have ever seen.

Michael D

They need to put the search bar at the same height as Google.

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