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More Mags Jump On The Premium App Bandwagon

imageMagazine publishers clearly have all that iPhone app store revenue on the brain. Just a week after rolled out its $1.99 iPhone application, comes news that publishers like Time, Conde Nast and Hachette Filipacchi have plans to either release pay-for mobile apps or bundle subscription-based “premium” features to their existing free ones.

It makes sense to try. While publishers continue to debate about whether people will pay for online editorial content and how to charge them for it, consumers are pumping millions of dollars into the app ecosystem through both subscriptions and micro-payments. Companies like *Apple*, Ning, Playfish, and individual developers are all getting people to pay for various types of “content” in snackable, interactive modules, so why shouldn’t magazines?

The challenge lies in creating the right mix of exclusive content and premium functionality so that people will want to pay. “We need to find a model where we

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