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Gautam Adhikari Is Stepping Down As Edit Pages Editor At The Times of India

imageGautam Adhikari, a well-regarded journalist, academic and television commentator, is stepping down as the editorial pages editor at The Times of India effective June 5. He was also group editorial advisor to The Times Group as well as dean at the Times Centre for Media Studies.

“I’m going back to the United States to spend more time with my family. I have signed two book deals and will be focussed on writing now,” Adhikari said. Swagato Ganguly, deputy edit pages editor, will handle the edit pages for the time being.

Adhikari is an old Times hand, and has been the executive editor of the paper during 1994-97. He has also worked as a consultant at the World Bank and at several thinktanks, including the American Enterprise Institute. He has also held various teaching and research positions at Harvard University, George Washington University and George Mason Universty. In 2005, he joined the Mumbai-headquartered Daily News and Analysis as that paper’s founding editor-in-chief. In April 2007, he left and returned to TOI’s publisher Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, where he has now spent 22 years in all.

9 Responses to “Gautam Adhikari Is Stepping Down As Edit Pages Editor At The Times of India”

  1. DeEpAk

    Gautam Adhikari was very good editor in time of india. His editing is very best . He was greatest journalist academic and television. The Time of india has loss of great editor. So best luck his future life.

  2. Archana

    The Times of India has loss good editor, His place never gain without him, We hope he came as soon as possible early, He write good books in future and we hope they successful life, Best of luck Gautam Adhikari….. we wait for you…

  3. It's sad to hear that "The Times" is losing a great journalist. On the other hand, he'll have the chance to be with his family again. Well, he can still continue his passion on writing because of his new project, as a book author.

  4. Victor Goldsmith

    Oh, TOI is losing one of its best men. For Adhikari, it's time to move on. I am sure he will come out with some good quality books. All the best Mr Adhikari!