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Boyle’s Back, But Talent Still Lacks YouTube Juice

It was a wobbly performance, less assured than her storming debut appearance, but Britain’s Got Talent darling Susan Boyle returned to the show for Sunday’s semi-final, winning a public vote to go through to next weekend’s big final.

Though Boyle now looks to be the odds-on favorite to take the spoils, the broadcasters involved are still yet to seriously profit from the Scotswoman’s recent fame. The NYT says “the production companies and YouTube worked through the weekend on a more comprehensive deal (that) would enable FremantleMedia to place ads against unofficial copies of the show using YouTube

3 Responses to “Boyle’s Back, But Talent Still Lacks YouTube Juice”

  1. Robert Andrews

    Good point re: Dominos. It's the TV show sponsor, too, so it was clearly a cross-media sell.

    Only thing clips have is to share the URL via Facebook et al.

  2. Rafat Ali

    Yeah, no separate overlay ads here in U.S. on YouTube, only linkbacks to its own YT page. On, either by choice or by coincidence, Domino's sponsorship is a good one: it is a multinational brand and hence effective for U.S. viewers as well.