Sample 720p Video From the Canon T1i and the Ending I Never Saw Coming


[wpvideo 3PNkek9Y w=500]

Now that I’ve finally resolved the issue with my 16GB SD memory card, it’s time to start playing some more with the Canon T1i DSLR. Just for kicks, I did a very impromptu video in my home office. I didn’t even plan to publish it but the unexpected finish ensured that it will live forever. When you get to the very end of the 1-minute, 35-second video, I think you’ll understand. Tyler’s expression is priceless. ;)

I took this video in what I’d call marginal lighting conditions — in my home office with no artificial lighting at all. Using my 50mm F/1.8 prime lens, I was able to get by. I’ve already learned that the optimal videos will be done with a tripod and that I shouldn’t rely on the auto-focus function. That function does work for video, but the camera bounces in and out of focus during shooting as it determines the optimal focus. However, it’s easy to use the manual focus ring when needed. Again, for relatively fixed focus videos like our gadget reviews, this should be a non-issue.

One other quick note on the actual video file. We normally compress our HD videos down so that the files aren’t too big. As a result, there’s some quality degradation, although it’s likely not that noticeable. The source file for this 1:35 video at 720p and 30 frames per second is 330 MB in size. I decided to upload the actual source file for this example. The WordPress player likely optimizes and compresses the source, but for our purposes, this is likely the best quality we can provide.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with the video capability of the T1i. Even using the WordPress player at full screen offers a decent picture. One downside I see is that the T1i will stop recording once the source file hits 4GB. I don’t think I’d ever take one recording for that long as I like to break up my scenes, but it could be an issue for some of you. Anyway, enjoy the sample vid. I’m off to do some long overdue “spring cleaning” in the home office while simultaneously installing Windows Home Server.



Thanks a lot for posting USEFUL video showcasing the video of the t11. I am going to go with purchasing this for now and then upgrade to the t2i when it gets cheap enough

Chef Evans

Wow… that kid has some serious manual dexterity skills there. He has the makings of an amazing engineer. Impressive. As for the camera, I think the video is pretty impressive, considering it was using all ambient lighting and it was indoors, both of which make shooting video a pain. I am looking at the T1i with the litepanels micro led array, just for situations like that. I would like to see more videos from the T1i using natural light. Grreat video. Thanks.


Hi, Great video there..
I’ve been considering purchasing the T1i because of the video abilities.
One downside I’ve been reading is the fact that you have to get your focus before you start recording.. that there isn’t a continuous Auto Focus in video shooting.
But your video seems to show the camera looking for a point of focus quite a few times throughout the video.

Can you give any information to confirm or deny this?


Eric C Rusch Jr

The video quality mild mildly impressive, but DANG! those rubik’s skill were just insane. The only way I solve those is with a cheater program, and even then it takes me forever. Nice Job Tyler!



This makes us other Tylers look bad :D

Nice video quality as well.

Dave Zatz

Wow, he’s amazing. Watch his pinky underneath rotating stuff on the bottom section while simultaneously working on top.

Dave Zatz

I should add when I was a child, I don’t ever remember solving the Rubik’s cube. I do remember pulling the blocks off and reassembling though. ;)


the video quality looks awesome, and i’m trying hard to focus on it, not the fantastic rubik cube solution of Tyler :) good job to the both of you!


I’ve never seen anyone handle a Rubik’s Cube like that. What a star :)

I really want that camera and the video looks great. What’s the new LCD on the back of the camera like Kevin?

Kevin C. Tofel

The LCD is far better than what I have on the XSi. It’s the same size at 3-inches diagonally. However, Canon added an anti-reflective coating to it and bumped the resolution 4x: from 320×240 to 640×480. It’s a vast improvement. I do wish the LCD could twist out on a bracket like some of the comparable Nikon’s but I’m OK with it otherwise.


Wow, that is impressive image quality, although Tyler looks like a Romulan plotting our demise in the final frames (or maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching Next Generation on DVD this week, lol).


I was so fascinated by the amazing rubik’s cube skills that I did not even notice the video quality!

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