Android This Week: Cupcake Delayed, Rosie Revealed and a Possible Tablet Launch Planned

android-logoAndroid, the mobile phone platform launched by Google (s goog) last year, is still ramping up, but it’s already caused ripples throughout the smartphone world. We think it’s going to be a major player in the space so to that end, we will be taking a weekly look into the world of Android.

Topping the list of Android-related developments this week was T-Mobile’s delay of the rollout of Android 1.5, Cupcake. The free upgrade promises to be a good one, with the addition of new features alongside all the normal tweaks. T-Mobile G1 owners will no doubt enjoy the new video recording features of version 1.5, something iPhone owners are still waiting to get. The Cupcake upgrade will be pushed over-the-air to G1 phones over the next two weeks, according to T-Mobile.

Android has been written to be manipulated by touch from the ground up, according to a video that appeared showing a future version, dubbed Rosie.

One of the strengths of the Android platform lies in its ability to be used on devices other than smartphones. Rumors of netbooks running Android have been rampant for a while now and this week, information about a possible Internet tablet running Android emerged. High-end media player maker ARCHOS announced a June 11 press event at which some expect it will unveil an Android web tablet that will sport a 5-inch screen and be based on the TI OMAP chipset, which would provide long battery life and instant-on capability.

The introduction of an Android web tablet is even more significant due to the swirling rumors that Apple (s aapl) is working on a web tablet of its own. Apple has both the resources and savvy to launch this product category into the mainstream, but Android, given its design, could prove to be a worthy competitor.