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Wrike Adds Synchronized Tasks for Windows Mobile

windows_mobile_pluginWe’ve covered Wrike before, but only in the context of Google Android (s GOOG) handhelds. On Monday, Windows Mobile (s MSFT) users will gain a little love, provided they also subscribe to Wrike’s Project Management subscription service. That’s probably overkill if you’re just looking for task synchronization via a web service because the required Collaborator plan is $9.99 per month. That fee gains you far more than tasks, however. It includes 500MB of file-sharing space, unlimited projects, and Gantt charts. Hey, who doesn’t love a good Gantt? Wrike also includes their Intelligent Email Engine™ which helps create tasks and project plans via e-mail.

From a mobile perspective, the news here is the Windows Mobile task synchronization plug-in. With it, tasks from Wrike projects will seamlessly integrate into the native Task list on a Windows Mobile handheld. Wrike says the Windows Mobile Sync feature is an additional $3.95 per month, so unless you’re up to your elbows in projects, this might be better suited to a team of resources with WinMo handsets than for personal use.