Travel Tip: Take an Ethernet Cable


I’m currently staying at an upmarket European hotel. Internet is free, but only if you have an Ethernet cable and can plug in. If you want Wi-Fi, the cost is a hefty 17 euros ($24) per 24 hours. Fortunately, I read James Kendrick’s “What’s In Your Bag” post before leaving home, which prompted me to stash a network cable in my bag. This cable will save me $50 over the two days that I’m staying here.

It’s always worth taking a network cable if you’re staying in an unfamiliar hotel because it might have expensive Wi-Fi, poor Wi-Fi reception in your room, or no Wi-Fi at all. This cable took a little room in my bag, but I’m very glad I packed it.

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I agree with the thing about the more expensive the hotel, the more expensive the internet. We recently stayed at a place in Rino, where they charged me $32.97 for 3 days of wi-fi, (not the most expensive, I know.) Then we went to a resort, (my parents have a timeshare,) where they charged $15 for 10 days of internet using an ethernet cable. It’s always a good thing to bring one, just in case!


Got stuck in Seattle once in an upscale hotel that offered free cabled internet but charged for wireless. At $350/night I would have thought they would throw in the wireless! I had to go out and buy an overpriced cable at an OfficeMax down the block. Lesson learned!


What a great idea, although I have not been caught short yet, my wife and I travel a lot and our laptop is our connection, thanks for the advice.


The British Airways terminal at JFK has free internet… as long as you have an ethernet cable. I had mine on my checked bag. Needless to say it’s coming with me on my carry on from now on.


I keep a network cable stashed in an out of the way pocket in every travel bag and suitcase we own. That way I never have to remember to pack one. The one in the suitcase I use most often is a 25 footer – as Chris says, sometimes you got to spread out.

Chris @ Dorm Room Biz

An Ethernet cable is definitely a good recommendation. I recently spent a month in Florida for work and the cable they had in the room was only about 2 feet long which was just enough room to keep my laptop on the desk. So I went to the Walmart and picked up a longer one for $10 so I could spread out a little more in the room. Now it stays in my bag where ever I go!

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