Satellite and Telcos Want Online Authentication, Too


The “TV Everywhere” bug is contagious, so much so that DirecTV (s DTV), Dish Network (s DISH), Verizon Communications (s VZ) and AT&T (s T) plan to either participate in someone else’s online TV program or build their own, reports Multichannel News.

Comcast (s CMCSA) and Time Warner (s TWX) are actively publicly discussing and rushing to market their own authentication programs, called On-Demand Online and TV Everywhere, respectively. See our interview with Comcast Fancast director Karin Gilford embedded below:

The satellite and telco providers would be interested in joining a system where their subscribers could access content through any participating web service (e.g. Hulu, Fancast or a new site like those). AT&T, for one, is “actively building” its own authentication system.

The problem now is who will host the video; MTV Networks (s VIA.B) expects to work with everyone’s authentication programs, but it wants to host its own online video, Denise Denson, MTVN’s executive vice president of content distribution and marketing, told Multichannel’s Todd Spangler. “When the content is off our site, it does not reinforce the value of our brand,” she said. Sounds like a pretty big sticking point.


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It sure looks like the Old Guard is trying to protect their antiquated and rusting value chain. Unfortunately they are using old market thinking to fix a new market issue.

Cable & Sat Co’s – keep spending your dollars making it harder and more convoluted for your customers to consume media while others are finding ways to make it easier and will end up winning them away from you.

Good job – keep up the good work!

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