Latest Google Chrome Release Is a Speed Demon


The Google Chrome team has announced a new version of the open-source browser, touting up to 30 percent performance increases on JavaScript-heavy tasks. I’ve taken it for a spin, comparing it to Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, which also has very fast JavaScript performance thanks to its TraceMonkey technology. The new version of Chrome does indeed work faster than the Firefox beta at this point, and the performance is another way that Google’s browser is maturing and innovating.

Google is putting its money where its mouth is on the performance increases in the new Chrome. If you go to this web page, it will automatically start running a series of seven separate JavaScript-centric browser benchmark tests. You can paste the same URL into Firefox or another browser, and compare the result to that of Chrome. I got significantly higher numbers (higher is better) on all the tests with the new version of Chrome, as compared to Firefox 3.5 Beta 4.

The performance increases in Chrome come from an update to its V8 JavaScript engine, as well as a new version of the open-source WebKit rendering engine. It’s worth noting that Firefox 3.5 will be coming out in a Release Candidate version in early June, with the final version due shortly after that. The final version may outperform Chrome in JavaScript tasks, as both Mozilla and Google are targeting improvements there. As far as the latest beta of Firefox goes, though, Chrome performs faster. It also continues to have the advantage of running tasks within tabs as separate applications, which means far fewer browser crashes. However, Chrome does not yet have anywhere near the ecosystem of useful extensions that Firefox has.

You can download the new version of Chrome here. If you’re already running Chrome, you’ll automatically be updated to the new version.

What do you think of Google Chrome?


Simon Mackie

@Comprendo FF 3.5 beta 4 is good enough to use day-to-day. I have a post publishing today about Opera 10 with some benchmarks – Chrome is definitely the fastest at the moment.

Elemental - web and mobile solutions

Thanks for this, its quite interesting to see that its so fast. Also I think alot of web developers and non developers are taking to chrome, loyal firefox users are also considering it, at least its more stable and less buggy than IE!

much appreciated your post


yep – missing the big ecosystem that Firefox has. together with the lame feature enhancement I’m afriad I’ll have to keep up with the Fox and my extensiosn (New tab king specifically for handling the new tabs –


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