Daily Sprout

Digital Lumens Lands $6.3M: Digital Lumens, Inc., a quiet startup based in Salem, Mass. that’s working on high-efficiency, low-cost LED lighting, has raised $6.3 million in venture funding. — Mass High Tech

Is Waxman-Markey Enough? Will the compromises that allowed the Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill to make it out of committee make it harder to get the rest of the world in line to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions? — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Top Tech Trends: Advanced batteries and efficiency management services make cut for the 11th annual Churchill Club Top Tech Trends list. VCs on the panel also said they expect the government to make poor investments in new technology. — CNET’s Webware

Broken Record: Sanyo says it has broken its own record for solar cell conversion efficiency, going from 22.3 percent to 23 percent efficiency in lab tests verified by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. — PV-Tech

Cozy Climate Lobby: The top ten most popular lobbying firms looking to influence the climate change debate on behalf of local governments, paper companies, alternative energy groups and oil and gas companies, among others, employ lobbyists who have worked for the House energy panel. — NYT’s The Caucus