Nalts’ YouTube Stardom and Day Job No Longer Compatible


Kevin Nalty, a guy who makes YouTube videos for fun and was an early star and partner on the site (currently No. 92 most-subscribed of all time), never hid his real identity. On the contrary, he treated his wife and young kids like a sketch comedy troupe. But by going by “Nalts” and avoiding mention of his job marketing Propecia at Merck, he thought he could keep the viral video world and the day job separate.

However, a recent MediaWeek story about product placement on YouTube mentioned Nalty’s employer, and that garnered some attention in the pharma blogging world. So this morning, he quit his job and became a full-time online video marketer.

Asked whether Merck pressured him to leave, Nalty told us via email “Merck actually handled the exposure and my departure with class.” But he said it was the public exposure that made it clear the situation was too tenuous.

“Merck knew about Nalts before they hired me. But as Nalts grew, it became harder to keep ‘low profile.’ I went to great lengths to keep them separate because I didn’t want my goofball antics to reflect poorly on a company focused on health and medication…The fact that Merck was recently being unfairly linked to me and fart videos was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.'”

Nalty said that between a combination of growing YouTube partner revenue; sponsored videos for MTV, MSN, and Fox that were brokered by Hitviews; and paid consulting work; he’s “beginning to make more off hours than during [my] day job.”

It’s that consulting business — not the fart videos — where Nalty thinks he can make a real impact, by uniting the two sides of his life that he’d worked hard to separate. By being “a seasoned marketer who also knows online video from an inside-out perspective as an online ‘weblebrity,'” Nalty wants to help brands adapt to a new evolution of marketing that’s driven by social media, especially video.



Good job, Nalts. Have been watching on you tube for so long! Congrats!


Oh great, now I actually have to watch Nalts videos or his kids won’t eat. Awesome.

JK Kevin, this is exciting!!! :D


Great article, but let’s “out” the bloggers who were out to “out” Nalts. Since when it is a crime to have a hobby?



Nalt-Y ??

This whole time, you’ve been lying to your audience.

The millions, well… the hundreds of viewers who have subscribed to your YouTube channel have taken it on faith that you have been nothing but straight-forward and honest to us from the beginning are now brought to the brutal truth: the one beacon of honesty on YouTube has been posting under a pseudonym this whole time. “…never hid his real identity…”? How about never came clean as to who he really is?

This leads us to doubt that your “family” is no more than a hired cast. After all, what true “Mrs. Nalts” or, as we are now discovering, “Mrs. NALTY” would put up with the antics, the bugs and repeated trips in the “family” minivan with the neighborhood kids to terrorize local shoppers? I call farce!

Kevin, if Kevin is your REAL name after all, this is a terrible way to start a career in “weblibrityism.” You need to come clean and admit that you have betrayed your viewers’ trust, that you have lied to us from the beginning.

An honest apology is all we ask.


Dateline Thursday, May 21, 2009 – Interwebs:

“Monkeybusiness makes man millionaire – Merck misses mark with marketing marvel move-out.”


So after all this time the forces of evil have caught up with you….

I see a HUGE future for you at Vloggerheads!


“Do What You Love”

Kevin’s moobs couldn’t say it any better!!

Bah ha! YAY! :)


Gee, maybe if he had been marketing director for Gas-Ex the fart video thing might not have been such a big deal.

Ashley Bridges

@Liz (the writer)
VERY well written! I was immensely impressed!

To Nalts, congrats man!
I am very excited to see what is to come for you and will continue to follow you along the way. :)


Nalty? Sorry. I tried to stay with the story but just can’t imagine Nalty being Kevin’s real name. Sounds like the article’s author just made@up a cutesy nickname for Nalts.

Shane Adams

And here I thought he was just Renetto’s robot set out to rule the internet.

I wish all the best to you Kevin!


Nalts is a viral video genius. He is better off in that world than marketing pharma products. Bravo, Kevin!!!

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