Limelight, Looking to Add Value, Buys Ad Startup Kiptronic

[qi:_newteevee] As CDNs try to evade commodification, they’re looking outward to bring more value-added services to their clients. To that end, Limelight Networks today announced its first-ever acquisition: dynamic video and audio ad insertion startup Kiptronic, which to date had raised $9 million in funding. Dan Rayburn reports that the value of the deal is around $12 million, but while Limelight says that’s inaccurate it’s declined to offer up an alternate figure.

Last year Akamai also bought an ad startup — aCerno, for behavioral advertising. Kiptronic handles targeting, too, but its focus is dynamically delivered ads to media in any environment — on a mobile device, on consoles, online or offline. It’s possible this could turn into a play for Limelight to use its precise content delivery information to power localized advertising on any device.


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