HTC Touch Diamond2 Caught on Video- Look at that Screen!


HTC is easily the most prolific producer of Windows Mobile phones and their Touch line has pushed the limits of those phones. The Touch Diamond was probably the first WM phone that had a nice, big touchscreen, while the HTC TouchFLO interface pushed WM into the current age. The successor to the Diamond, the HTC Touch Diamond2, expands on the original with a faster operation of that special interface. TouchFLO on the Diamond2 really flows, as evidenced in a video by MobilitySite that shows all aspects of the device. Take a look at it and see how HTC is continuing to raise the bar in the WM world.



i’ve had the HTC Touch Diamond 2 since April. i feel sorry for myself for buying the original Diamond last March. the Diamond 2 is a lot better in terms of performance, and it would be hard for me to go back to the original once HTC request my unit to be returned to them.


“The Touch Diamond was probably the first WM phone that had a nice, big touchscreen…”

You made the HTC Advantage cry, James :(


Not to mention the HTC Universal (JasJar) and O2 Flame…

That said, I love that both the Touch Diamond 2 and the Touch Pro 2 have good size WVGA screens.


Good to see that HTC keeps making progress on TouchFlo too, it has useful new stuff on there compared to the version that’s running on my Touch HD. You can do more on the Diamond2 apparently without getting dumped into ye olde ugly Windows Mobile, which is nice.

Seems like a solid upgrade to the HTC Touch lineup. 800×480 is really great to have, surfing alone is much better but it really works across the board.

The Touch Pro2 seems pretty compelling, more so than the Diamond2 in my opinion. They’ve managed to make the Pro2 pretty sleek considering it has a slide-out keyboard on there too, very interesting for those of us with an investment in Windows Mobile software already.

B Williams

Available already at J&R in NYC. I had my grubby little paws on it not 2 days ago. Quite pricey, since it’s unsubsidized, as I recall.

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