BlackBerry Curve 8900 Lands Early at AT&T

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blackberrycurve8900The latest BlackBerry Curve for AT&T (s T) wasn’t slated to appear until tomorrow, but you can order it online today, says BGR. The 8900 is a personal fave of Om’s, as he dropped his iPhone — and AT&T for that matter — in favor of this handset on T-Mobile’s network. He gave it a solid thumbs-up review, even though it lacks fast 3G connectivity on either of the GSM networks.

The $199 deal at AT&T includes a $100 mail-in rebate, and you’ll be committing to a two-year contract. Without the commitment, you can nab the 8900 for the full $449 price tag. Based on Om’s review, this device is a thin, long-lasting productivity workhorse. For someone not needing high-speed data connectivity, it sounds like a winner, provided AT&T’s network offers solid coverage and performance in your area. If you can’t live with an EDGE connection, perhaps the Bold is a better choice; the devices are relatively similar, but the Bold supports AT&T’s HSDPA data network.

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Does AT&T even offer a one year contract with slightly subsidized pricing? I know they used to. They didn’t show it on the marketing material by the phones in the store, but it was available if you asked.

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