Rockstar Games, NBC Vets Get Funding, Launch 4mm

imageRockstar Games revolutionized the gaming industry with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and now the studio’s former founders are hoping to “change the game” again with the launch of 4mm Games, a new interactive entertainment company focused primarily on digital distribution. The startup is backed by N.Y.-based investment firm CEA Autumn Games; financial terms of the funding weren’t disclosed.

CEO Nicholas Perrett said the game industry’s existing value chain had been “disrupted” by the web (look at the increased focus on mobile gaming and the imminent launch of Steve Perlman’s OnLive online-only console, for example) — which is why 4mm’s first two properties will be released online or for mobile before they get ported to any of the consoles (per Variety). The idea is to test the market and build up each franchise before investing resources on console game development.

Perrett, former GM of game graphics tech firm Image Metrics, is joined by Rockstar co-founders Jamie King and Gary Foreman, who serve as 4mm’s president, and CTO, respectively. *NBC* and *Warner Music Group* vet Paul Coyne is 4mm’s EVP. Release.