Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels


jumpingWhat do changing your socks, wearing bright colors, flirting and sniffing citrus have in common? Answer: they’re all simple steps you can take to boost your daily energy.

Productivity and organization blog Zen Habits has posted a great list of 55 ways to boost your energy levels, tips that should help you to stay productive and happy throughout your workday

As well as the tips listed above, some of the other methods that I’ll be trying myself include:

  • Get rid of that stuffy nose. Allergies will make you feel tired and cranky, but can be relieved with over-the-counter medicines.
  • Work with your body’s clock (we’ve covered this previously).
  • Have an afternoon power snack.
  • Eat lots of berries, as they contain antioxidants that boost energy.
  • Eat a satisfying breakfast but a light lunch, as a heavy lunch will leave you feeling drained for the whole afternoon.
  • Add more cardio to your gym time, as more aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping.
  • Get on your toes, as it stimulates your circulatory system.

Share your energy-boosting tips in the comments.

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this sounds like a bunch of crap to me. i wasted alot of “energy” just reading this.


For mental focus and energy it’s all about protein, protein, protein – eggs for breakfast, an energy bar with peanuts mid-morning, and incorporate some turkey into lunch.

He’s right about the antioxidant power of berries – I’ve found blueberries to be the most effective. A few handfuls of blueberries can pull me out of a mid-afternoon slump.

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