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Notable News From the Tech World

Craigslist has sued South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, asking for a restraining order and declatory relief, after the AG ordered the company to remove any web site dedicated to South Carolina which “contains…functions allowing for the solicitation of prostitution” within 10 days. McMaster threatened Craigslist management with “criminal investigation and prosecution” if the company doesn’t comply.

Notable Quote

I have always thought we needed to index the web every second to allow real time search. At first, my team laughed and did not believe me. Now they know they have to do it. Not everybody needs sub-second indexing, but people are getting pretty excited about real time.” — Google co-founder Larry Page, on Twitter

Notable News

Google opens new $600 million data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa (Des Moines Register)

Google co-founder says the company has been losing out to Twitter in the race for real-time information (UK Guardian)

Facebook improves how users find new applications (Bits)

Microsoft to introduce new search engine (Wall Street Journal)

iPhone market share doubles year over year (Gartner)

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