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NebuAd Technology Resurrected As InsightReady

nebuad-logoYesterday we reported that targeted ad firm NebuAd bit the dust, but it appears that its Insight technology platform has risen again in the UK as part of a company called InsightReady. Folks from a publication called Clickz called the phone number for NebuAd’s UK office and reached Tony Evans, a former commercial director at NebuAd, who confirmed that he is currently working with InsightReady as a consultant. He also confirmed that NebuAd’s UK managing director, Paul Goad, is currently the managing director of InsightReady. GigaOM called yesterday evening, and reached Tony Evans’ voice mail, but calls today are now routed to another person’s mailbox, and the outgoing message doesn’t state a company affiliation.

The domain name was still listed with NebuAd on April 20 before being transferred to a different company and a new registrar as of April 25. It also appears that InsightReady is offering similar targeted advertising as NebuAd did, only instead of going through the Internet Service Provider as it did originally, InsightReady is targeting web site owners. This may be the more conventional advertising on which NebuAd has said it would refocus. However, a hour after viewing the test version of the Insight Ready web site containing that info, it has been taken down.

Moving the company’s technology to the UK from the U.S. is likely a result of the region’s more lax enforcement regime and the lawsuits NebuAd is facing in the U.S. In November, customers from some of the ISPs that used NebuAd’s deep packet inspection technology to deliver advertisements based on where a user searched sued the company. Meanwhile over in the UK, the government office in charge of privacy issues has deemed Phorm, a NebuAd-like company, benign. The European Commission sees Phorm’s privacy implications differently, however, and has taken legal action against Phorm. But so far, Phorm is still up and running.

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