Google Sync Gains Symbian S60 Beta Support

Image Credit: Google Mobile Blog

Image Credit: Google Mobile Blog

Google just announced Google Sync beta support for Symbian S60 smartphones, which is very welcome news. The company was already supporting it to some degree, because I was using it with the Nokia E63 handset. Unfortunately, at that time, only my contacts were synchronizing. With the upgraded Google Sync service, calendars get synchronized, as well as contacts; it’s a true two-way sync. Since Google Sync was only working with contacts up to now, I had to add another, third-party solution for my calendar. Talk about a lack of Synergy. ;)

You will need Nokia’s Mail for Exchange in order to use the push technology of Google Sync, so if you don’t already have it on your S60 device, you’ll want to grab that first. Then just point your S60 browser to to set up the service.


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