Free Utility Recovers “Lost” Photos and Data



Have you ever lost data due to file corruption? Jonathan Greene lost around 100 digital pictures recently. Actually, his Nikon D70s did that for him and he wasn’t happy at all about it. The digital camera somehow corrupted the photos on the CompactFlash storage card and Jonathan figured that he’d never see those images again. Since they were from his son’s birth, it’s not like he could set up for a re-shoot. Luckily PhotoRec rescued every single image!

This free, open-source utility “ignores the filesystem and goes after the underlying data“, which is exactly the aggressive type of approach these situations require. The software runs on practically every platform and can recover data from several filesystem formats: FAT, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3, and HFS+. Best of all, it doesn’t just work on hard drives. PhotoRec can be used with optical media, flash storage cards, and even portable media players like the iPod (s AAPL). Over 180 file types are supported for data recovery.

I’ve actually never lost any pics on my Canon XSi but it’s nice to know that this free utility worked for someone; especially since the new Canon T1i is arriving shortly. Oh wait… did I just hear a UPS truck pull up? Gotta run!



Thanks for pointing out such a great software … u never know when one might need it … and yes kevin i would take this opportunity to request u to have a small review of the Canon T1i if u dont mind !!

thanks mate

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