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What Was Detroit Thinking?: After decades of battling, complaining and maneuvering over fuel economy standards, why did carmakers decide to fall in line with a tough, new nationwide MPG standard this week? — New York Times

Climate Outlook Gets Gloomier: New climate modeling suggests that without rapid and massive action, global warming in this century will be no less than twice as severe as estimated six years ago. — MIT News Office

UK Car Clubs Cut Carbon: A new survey from the Transport Research Laboratory finds members of car-sharing services in the UK are less likely to drive than non-members, opting instead to walk, bike or use public transit, and an average vehicle available through these “car clubs” is about 35 percent more efficient than an average private vehicle. — TheGreenCarWebsite UK

Dems Hold Off Energy Amendments: House Democrats defeated 14 hours worth of amendments proposed by GOP lawmakers and put to vote in a markup session for the Waxman-Markey energy and climate bill yesterday. — ClimateWire via NYT

ARPA-E Underway: The DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy program, designed to fund high-risk clean energy development, is now accepting proposals. Cold fusion inventors are among those anxious to get in line. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital