BlackBerry Location Apps Are Expensive; Apple Has More

iapps.gif?w=126&h=76&h=76Apple’s iTunes App Store has the largest number of location-based applications: 2,300, according to data collected by Skyhook Wireless, a location information platform provider based in Boston. Nearly 75 percent of the iPhone’s location-aware apps are paid applications. These numbers only support our thesis that Apple’s iPhone is giving location-based services a much-needed boost.

An average iTunes app with location features costs about $3.60. The average price of a location-aware app in BlackBerry App World is $13.60. BlackBerry App World has 57 location-aware apps, while Android has 300 location-aware apps, and 80 percent of them are free. lbslookups.gifAs I wrote earlier, location-based applications are beginning to become pervasive. Skyhook has seen considerable growth in location requests in the last six months — more than 200 million location requests a day and 25 billion requests in 2009 to date, compared with 15 billion requests in 2008. Location has become a key feature in 17 types of applications, with travel, navigation and social-networking apps leading the charge.