Is Facebook’s App Directory The Precursor To An App Store?

imageFacebook’s evolution from social network to full-scale social commerce and communication platform continues. It launched new directory that makes it easier for users to find (and likely eventually purchase) applications; the revamped directory also highlights “Applications You May Like,” or a roster of apps that have been “verified” to deliver a high-quality user experience.

The app directory redesign comes about a month after Facebook made it easier for developers to access members’ activity streams, and on the heels of a report that the network is working on its own virtual payment platform (and possibly a “unified” virtual currency for use across all apps).

If Facebook does have a virtual commerce platform in the works, the app directory could turn into an “app store” — so it makes sense for the app discovery process it to be simple, and for the apps that will provide buyers the most satisfaction to displayed front and center. (“Verified” apps get the increased visibility as part of a program Facebook launched last November; developers had to submit screenshots, info about how they use members’ data and other details to get verified status).


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