YouTube, Hulu and Amazon are Webware 100 Winners


CNET announced the winners of its third annual “Webware 100” awards today, and just like high school homecoming kings and queens, the 10 winners of the Photo & Video category were all popular kids.


The awards were created to recognize “the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications that are leading the next wave of innovations.” Winners were chosen via an online poll and more than 630,000 votes were cast. So it’s really no surprise that most of the video winners were the big boys like YouTube (s GOOG), Hulu and Amazon VOD (s AMZN) (what, no Netflix? (s NFLX)). Hipsters rocked the vote and made Vimeo a winner, and live-casting was well represented with both and picking up wins as well.

CNET’s Rafe Needleman seemed to take a bit of a dig at in the announcement blog post, writing:

Justin.TV joined Maxthon and Gaia Online in the list of Webware 100 winners whose huge number of votes outstripped their sites’ influence among typical Webware 100 readers.

Ouch! What does influence a typical Webware reader?

And we’re still not clear on exactly what these companies have won. Or if anyone really won anything, since each category had 10 winners, which seems like how they hand out trophies to everyone nowadays. But a hearty congratulations to all nonetheless.

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