Waterfield Designs New Man Bag- Muzetto

muzetto_large_main_mdWe talk about our obsession with gear bags a lot on jkOnTheRun, but in our favor, recognizing you have a problem is the first step towards a cure. Not that we want to be cured, though — we love our bags and the quest for the perfect one.

One of the biggest problems many of us geeks of the male variety have is finding a bag that is “manly” and not so much a “man purse.” The folks at Waterfield Designs have our backs and have released a new bag in two sizes for guys like us, called the Muzetto line. The press kit calls this officially an “Urban Man Bag,” so there’s no way your friends can make fun of how you look carrying this bag with all your gear nestled inside. Well, even if they do, you have the fact that it is a “Man Bag” working in your favor.

The Muzetto comes in two sizes, one that will fit a laptop up to 13 inches and the other slightly smaller for that lesser gear. Both sizes are made out of distressed leather and look to have the typical Waterfield Designs quality touches. They cost $179 and $239. Tell them jkOnTheRun sent you. We don’t get anything when you do, but we feel good when our name is thrown around.  :)


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