Earth2Tech's Top 7 Cities for Cleantech



Notable startups: ZettaCore, Conergy, Tendril (Boulder).

Focus: Smart grid, wind, solar.

“We have traditionally been an energy hub,” said Michele Weingarden, director of Greenprint Denver, the city’s sustainability initiative. “First with coal, then natural gas, energy production has often fueled a boom and bust cycle here. Now both the governor and the mayor have made the recruitment of renewable energy companies a priority.” The Green Denver Business program, run out of the city’s Office of Economic Development, is working not only to attract new cleantech companies but to reach out to companies that already exist in the community to make sure they know about available incentives and rebates.

Already in the city there’s nanotech company ZettaCore, and solar company Conergy. The world’s largest wind turbine maker, Vestas, is planning on building a massive factory in Colorado close to Denver, and utility Xcel Energy intends to make nearby Boulder, Colo., the nation’s first fully integrated smart grid city.

Denver also benefits from its proximity to the University of Colorado at Boulder. This week, Denver became the first in the country to become ISO 14001 certified, a milestone that’s in line with its Greenprint plan and its growing reputation as a “green” city after hosting the lowest-impact Democratic National Convention ever.

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