Earth2Tech's Top 7 Cities for Cleantech



Notable startups: EnerNOC, Boston Power, 1366 Technologies.

Focus: Early stage solar innovation, history of demand response and more efficient batteries.

A decade ago, no one in Boston wanted to hear about sustainability; it was too “crunchy granola,” said Brian Glascock, director of the office of energy and environment for the city of Boston. That’s until they realized they needed to talk about efficiency, which led to fiscal policy, Glascock said. Now the city boasts a $500 million solar initiative, a $2 million green affordable housing project, and building codes that require green construction. In addition, the city is preparing for the carbon market by looking at a green fund that would aggregate small-scale carbon reduction projects into a larger fund that could participate in the market. Companies such as demand-response darling EnerNoc (s ENOC), lithium-ion battery company Boston-Power (Westborough), and solar materials maker 1366 Technologies (North Lexington) close to Boston, and the city has easy access to talent from both MIT and Harvard.

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Image credit: wallyg.