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Earth2Tech's Top 7 Cities for Cleantech

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cleantechcityBack before the stimulus package or the Waxman-Markey bill, when no one was sure whether tax credits for renewable energy would be re-upped or allowed to fade away, U.S. mayors decided to adopt their own climate policy. In signing on to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (a pact to strive for the greenhouse gas reductions targeted by the Kyoto Protocol), cities such as Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco sent a “we’ll do it on our own” statement in response to the lack of federal policy.

Since the launch of the agreement in 2005, some 500 more cities have signed on (and counting). And while some cities just signed the document and moved on, others have used the initiative to draft further innovative strategies that deliver meaningful reductions. The most effective strategies, by far, have been those that bring sustainability initiatives into the office of economic development and turn the city into an early adopter of “green” products and services. It’s exactly this sort of strategy that makes the following cities the best in the country to be a cleantech start-up. In a report, Living Cities Foundation interviewed sustainability directors and gathered data from city sustainability departments throughout the country. We’ve landed on the following seven as the best spots to start and grow a cleantech company (more interviews from the report here). [digg=]

First up: San Jose »

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6 Responses to “Earth2Tech's Top 7 Cities for Cleantech”

  1. Frank

    In electronics yes, biotechnology yes, clean technology no. Policy capitals are most important, DC, Sacramento, etc. It’s just so easy to go to the traditional “tech” cities and explore. Might try digging a little deeper next time. San Jose employment numbers are…questionable.

  2. An important addition to your CleanTech cities is list San Diego with over 220 (list at clean tech companies and growing. San Diego has national leaders in clean tech, wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, algae, climate research, and sustainability,

    San Diego is leveraging its traditional national strength in biotech, wireless, renewables and research which has created a vibrant cluster of clean tech firms. A few of the San Diego clean tech firms are; Apterra, Sythetnic genomics, Sapphire, AES Wind, enXco Wind, Kyocera solar, Envision Solar, Applied Solar, Fallbrook Technologies, General Atomics biofuels, General Atomics fusion research facility, ISE Corp, Knight & Carver Wind Group, Oak Creek Energy, CleanTech Energy, and Wildcat Discovery Technologies. There are too many clean tech companies in San Diego to list here.

    San Diego has a trade association, CleanTech San Diego, dedicated to promoting and supporting clean tech firms. Other associations provide services services for emerging firms including; Biocom, Connect, Commnexus and the California Center for Sustainability.

    There have been many national publications recently with articles on San Diego leadership role in Clean Tech including; Earth2Tech, CleanTech Magazine, Renewable Energy World, Environmental Protection News and Energy Current.