Snow Leopard Video Leaked, Screenshots Show New Features in Action

osxsnowleopardIf you were getting antsy about Apple’s upcoming Snow Leopard OS X update, you’re not alone. One user was so eager to share that he uploaded video of the latest developer preview beta of the software to YouTube. It was promptly removed after Apple bared its legal teeth, but screenshots remain, and they provide a peak behind the curtain at some features we’ve been hearing lots about but have yet to see in action.


The screens show a number of usability enhancements, such as the “Put Back” feature that’s been added to the trash bin (similar to “Restore” for Windows users), improvements to Quick Look, and the new, much-talked about QuickTime X interface, mock-ups of which have been posted before by sites like AppleInsider. The concept graphics proved to be fairly accurate representations of what it really looks like, with more of a chrome-less black viewer interface, so that even in windowed mode, videos now look more like they do during full-screen playback in version 7.6.


As mentioned, Quick Look improvements are also upcoming. It looks like previews will appear directly in the Finder window, and will have advanced options for some more interactive file formats like PDF documents and videos. The Finder will also get an icon size slider in the bottom right-hand of all windows, which is a lot more convenient than going through an options menu like you have to do right now, speaking as someone who takes a lot of screenshots of app icons.


Finally, a number of new “Services” menu options are available, which, judging by their names, will have me actually using it for the first time ever. “Look Up in Dictionary” and “Search in Google” are two in particular which I predict will be very handy. “Reveal” to locate a file in Finder is another nice trick that should’ve been there to begin with. They may not reveal much, but these screens are definitely whetting my appetite for the real 10.6.


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