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Rumor Has It: Leaked iPhone Specs Describe Big Improvements

iphone3As you’re probably aware if you read any mobile tech blog, including our favorite jkOnTheRun, the Palm (s palm) Pre is set for a June 6 release date as of today, and will run you $199 with a $100 mail-in rebate, or $299 if you’re too lazy to drop that rebate in the mailbox. It’s big news, big enough to completely dominate the tech blogosphere today, which may be the reason new leaked iPhone (s aapl) specs also just recently made an appearance.

Unlike earlier hardware details posted by a Chinese forum-goer, the newest rumored specifications are far from underwhelming. In fact, they basically agree with pretty much every other early report we’ve seen to date, which either supports or takes away from the credibility of the new source. The origin of these latest specs is reported by as being “closely connected to Apple’s hardware development team.”

Here’s a brief overview of what we’re supposedly getting from Apple in June:

  • 32GB and 16GB storage (up from the current 16GB and 8GB models)
  • $199 and $299 price points to be maintained
  • 3.2-megapixel camera (up from the current 2-megapixel camera)
  • Video-recording and editing capabilities
  • Ability to send a picture and video via MMS
  • Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
  • OLED screen
  • 1.5 times the battery life of the current models
  • Double the RAM and processing power
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • Apple logo on back will glow
  • Rubber-tread backing
  • Sleeker design
  • Built-in compass
  • The camera, GPS, compass and Google map combined will identify photos and inform about photo locations
  • Turn-by-turn directions

A lot of these add up with other reports (OLED screen, 3.2-megapixel camera, video recording/editing), but some seem much more far-fetched (like the glowing Apple logo). I’m really hoping that the 1.5 times battery life estimate is on the conservative side. Personally, I think the stats are completely reasonable and in line with what we’ve heard so far, but that doesn’t necessarily make them accurate, so definitely take them with a grain of salt.

21 Responses to “Rumor Has It: Leaked iPhone Specs Describe Big Improvements”

  1. Eddy in Alberta

    OLED screen? Keeping the same price point?


    It all looks good on paper but I dont think even half of this is going to be true. OLED is very expensive and would certainly drive the price up.

  2. macxcited

    I like @Mike_Perry thinking.
    Perhaps the home button on the front of the iPhone will have an Apple logo and that will glow/blink/indicate activity of message/call arrivals, easy find in the dark, sleep state, low battery, etc.?
    One thing I think is for certain, is that when it is announced, my jaw will drop, and I will be amazed again just like when the current iPhone was announced officially, even given all the ‘leaked specs’ reports.

  3. All the specs sound great but this one: “Apple logo on back will glow” Yuk!

    It also makes no sense. First, an OLED screen doesn’t have backlighting. It provides its own light, so the lighting for this logo would be unpredictable. Second, who holds an iPhone so daintily the logo will be visible anyway?

    What might make sense is something like the flashing light some gadgets (i.e. Blackberries) have to signal an incoming message or call without ringing.

  4. Gazoobee

    These rumours sound fake to me. Several things about them are just plain impossible or at least very unlikely.

    The logo can’t glow because there is a battery in between the screen backlight (the source of the glow) and the backing. Also, if the screen is OLED, then there is no backlight. So the logo can only glow in an iPhone if it has a dedicated light inside it. Highly unlikely.

    The silver band around the iPhone is functional and holds the whole phone together so it’s hard to see how that can be done away with. Not likely again.

    The “rubber-tread” backing, is also highly dubious in that a knobbly-textured iPhone doesn’t seem like an improvement to such a chi-chi device. Steve Jobs would have a heart attack if this was true.

  5. HD Boy

    The number of camera megapixels is directly related to the processor capabilities and the amount of onboard storage. A still/motion video camera with more megapixels needs more storage and a faster CPU. By using a 3.2MP camera, Apple is balancing the camera, CPU performance and storage capabilities with costs and the retail price. I can tell you this though: professional photographers would like to see Apple leap ahead with a 64GB flash drive option for the iPhone, though not necessarily for use with the internal camera. I’d gladly pay extra for a 64GB iPhone storage option because as a professional photographer myself, I’d like to carry several portfolios of my own work. Unfortunately, I just can’t do this with a 16GB or even a 32GB iPhone and also store a wide selection of my music.

    Certainly, the iPhone product line is hemmed in by Apple’s desire to use the highest capacity storage drive available at an affordable price to differentiate the iPod Touch from the iPhone (My guess is that we’ll soon see an updated iPod Touch model with a 64GB flash drive).

    So one question is this: Can Apple find a way to deliver a new iPhone with a 64GB storage option? Another question is: Will the 64GB iPod Touch get a camera? (With that much storage, it could make use of a camera.)

  6. Ted Landry

    @David – oh please, the number of megapixels matters very little in quality photography. it’s the size of the cdd and quality of lens where great images are made. those specs aren’t known so it will be hard to say if it’s better than all the nokias until sometime in july.

  7. Curmudgeon Geographer

    As far as editing, how about the basic ability to skim through the captured video, then eliminate the “3 minutes of recorded garbage” taken while you were waiting for that “15 seconds of interesting” to happen. If you’ve seen how you can select source video in iMovie ’08/’09 as you add it to a project, something elementary like this could easily be handled within an iPhone.

  8. David

    Only a 3.2mp camera?! I’m using a 5mp on a Nokia now and there’s 8mp cameras being used by other phone manufacturers. Frustrating to see Apple go on about improvements then offer only 3.2mp. I and they know they could do better than that!

    Aside from that issue, the rest looks good.

  9. TipToez

    All I have to say is.. the phone is very tempting and I already have the 3g BUT! Just like the last time and in any new device there will always be problems in the beginning so… I’ll shall wait til I know for a fact its GREAT!!! LUV THE PHONE!!!

  10. Not sure why the back would light up. I don’t think it’s a battery drain, as some say, since it’s likely just using the screen backlighting that’s on anyway. No, the reason it seems funny is… who would see it? I mean, you’re holding the thing in your hand when it’s on, not sitting it up like a laptop.