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It’s Official: Palm Pre Launches June 6 – Get It At Wal-Mart

palm-preThe long-awaited launch announcement from Palm (s palm) concerning the Pre release has been received and June 6 is the day. The Palm Pre will be available from Sprint (s s), Best Buy (s bby), RadioShack (s rsh) and select Wal-Mart (s wmt) stores for $199.99 (after $100 rebate) and will require a 2-year Everything Data ($69 – $99) or Business Essentials plan.

The simultaneous launch at Sprint and the other major retailers is a good thing for Palm and Sprint. This launch is just before the expected announcement by Apple (s aapl) of the next version iPhone.

The Touchstone charging dock will be available June 6 and will cost you $69.99. This charger was most impressive when we saw it earlier this year and is a likely purchase for most Pre buyers.

11 Responses to “It’s Official: Palm Pre Launches June 6 – Get It At Wal-Mart”

  1. David

    No reviews yet that we know of. Of course JK, or KCT, could have one in his hot little hand now, but may have NDA restrictions until a certain unknown date. Although they usually show us the blanked out shipping manifest ;-)

    Walt Mossberg is rumored to have one in his hands.

  2. Two weeks from launch and not a single review anywhere. I don’t know what Palm is hiding, but I find it odd that they refuse to send out review units to even the most critical tech experts.

  3. David

    Out of all the stores selling on June 6th I think WalMart opens first. I do like the $199 no rebate thingy with BestBuy if it holds true. Might be worth the wait for a few more hours.

  4. Kevin Hughes

    I’ve held off getting a contract phone waiting for the Pre as I used to be a treo addict (had a 180g!), but still there’s no uk date, Any idea when this is going global?

  5. I’m hoping that I’m able to order it from Telesales the day before or something. I don’t care about having to wait to receive it in the mail, I just don’t have a car to drive around all morning looking for one and I don’t want to camp out waiting for it.

  6. I’ll do the closest Best Buy as they don’t make you do the rebate – they give it to you for the price less the rebate.

    So, you are actually HOPING for no more marketing buzz! “To heck with Sprint and Palm’s businesses, I just want my Pre FAST!”

  7. I’m already planning my route for the morning of June 6th: Wal-Mart first because it’s the closest, although there’s a RadioShack in the same location. Between the two close locations and no major marketing buzz, I expect I’ll safely find a Pre on launch day. :)

  8. Have to say, I was expecting a big ad today in the WSJ or something more than they did – just a press release & Palm’s site has an update. Sprint’s site is choking right now. Hope they get this going with some ads.